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Free Camping Darwin

Darwin has it all, from open-air movies and sunset cruises to crocodile encounters and Asian food markets.

Darwin is located in the Northern Territory. If you are looking for warm nights, colorful characters, and outdoor adventures, Darwin is the place to go. You’ll also find rich Aboriginal cultures in Darwin, which is evident in the vibrant Aboriginal art found throughout the city’s museums, galleries, and streetscapes. Because the city is close to Asia, you will also find strong Asian influences in the vibrant food scene and bustling night markets.

Is there any free camping in and around Darwin?

In Darwin city you won’t find any free camping unfortunately, but in saying that, if you take a drive out of the city, you can find some incredible free camping spots that are definitely worth the drive! There are two main options here. One is a 1,5 hour drive, but there is a shorter ferry going straight from Darwin to the little town, and the other one is 1 hour drive and a popular free camping and fishing spot for Darwin locals. 

Free Camping Darwin

Wagait Beach Supermarket – RV/Van Park

This is a dog friendly free campground located in Wagait Beach, just over an hour out of Darwin. It’s accessible to RV’s, caravans and camper trailers that are fully self contained. It’s a quiet bush block behind the supermarket, and there is a ferry that goes to Darwin every hour or so! There are no amenities, but the supermarket and bottle shop are well stocked. It can get a bit loud with generators and music when it’s busy. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 1 hour and 25 minutes drive from Darwin, but there is also a ferry going to Darwin every hour, making Darwin a lot closer.

Gunn Point 

Gunn Point is one of the most popular camping getaways for Darwin locals. The famous Murrumujuk beach is also located at Gunn Point, and some sections of the beach are covered in amazing shells. Gunn Point offers excellent camping and fishing, making it a great escape and free camping spot. 

The Gunn Point Darwin Camping Area has no facilities other than a few industrial bins. You must be able to live off the grid for a long time in order to stay here for any length of duration. Make sure you bring water, enough fuel, and sufficient power. Campfires are permitted, but must be kept to a small extent and properly extinguished after each use. Fire restrictions and fire bans must be checked though before setting up your camp fire. 

The road to Gunn Point was sealed in recent years. However, the track into the Camping Area is not maintained. Entry is at your own risk. It’s very rough and difficult to navigate in many places. But hey, it’s all about the adventure right! 

The campground is dog friendly, but be aware… Some dogs have gone missing… They were probably taken by a crocodile. 

Although the road is beautiful, once you get to the tracks, things can quickly get dangerous. Our Motorhome made it through the gate with no problems. However, we did have to stop once and were able to be guided on the right track.

Camping rules are not enforced here and it can be a bit noisy. Between generators that are on all day, motorbikes, and quad bikes around the camp and along the beaches, and loud music. The noise is worse in the weekends. Just to give you the heads up! 

Cost: Free
Distance: 1 hour from Darwin

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