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Free Camping Spots in Margaret River

Margaret River is a region south of Perth. The area is known for wineries, but it’s also commended as a great travel destination for surfing and camping! Nature plays a huge role in why Margaret River has been popular for those who love camping. There are multiple locations to settle down and camp for a holiday weekend, and each offers something unique to the table. Margaret River is an interesting camping haven if you know how to look for the best locations.

Is there any free camping at Margaret River?

Don’t get confused! Margaret River, as the name implies, is a river’s name, but it’s also the name of a town and a region. Margaret River’s coast is located west of town and has been a well-known surfing location. Aside from the scenic waters, Margaret River also offers stunning bushlands ideal for camping and other outdoor activities best shared with family and friends.

Free Camping Margaret River

Unfortunately, there are no free camping spots at Margaret River, but there are several campgrounds that offer minimal fees. You can find camping sites that charge from $11 to $15 for adults per night. The typical rate for kids is $3 per night. These are incredible deals considering the outdoor experience and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

National Park Camping

There are multiple national parks in the Margaret River region, and different camping locations are popular among travellers and locals alike.

Boranup Campground

The Boranup Campground is located at Boranup Rd, Boranup, Western Australia. This highly popular campground is only suitable for small vehicles and tents. This location is accessible via 2WD vehicles. The Boranup Campground features seven campsites and is flanked by the Boranup Karri Forest. The popularity of this location makes it a favoured camping ground during weekends and school holidays. It’s important to note that you cannot pre-book on this campground.

Campfires are allowed but only on provided fire rings between April 15 to November 30. Generators and pets are not allowed on this campground. If you plan on visiting the Boranup Campground on a potentially busy holiday or weekend, it’s highly recommended that you have a backup campground just in case it gets too crowded.

Cost: $11 per adult, $3 per child per night
Directions: Find on map

free camping margaret river

Conto Campground

The Conto Campground is located at Conto Rd, Boranup, Western Australia. It’s within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and serves as one of the most popular camping spots in Margaret River due to its proximity to Conto Springs Beach, which campers can head out to for surfing, fishing, or relaxation. Offering 116 campsites, the Conto Campground is an ideal outdoor destination featuring coastal peppermint woodland. The Coastal Headland Scenery also helps highlight this location. In addition, the campground is directly linked to the Cape to Cape walking track.

You can set up campfires in provided fire rings for a specific period: April 15 to Nov. 30. Conto’s was affected by bushfires back in December 2021 but has recovered, hence why many camping sites have reopened.

Cost: $15 per adult, $3 per child per night
Directions: Find on map

Jarrahdene Campground

The Jarrahdene Campground is located at Jarrahdene Rd, Boranup, Western Australia. This camping spot is 24 kilometres away from Margaret River. It’s between Augusta and Margaret River. Compared to other campgrounds mentioned above, this features a range of options as it can cater to camper trailers, camper vans, caravans, and tents. The surrounding bushland in the area features a mixture of peppermint, marri and jarrah. What makes Jarrahdene unique is its history. The place was formerly a timber mill. You can still check out remnants of the mill throughout the area.

Generators and dogs are not allowed on the campground.

Cost: $15 per night
Directions: Find on map

Sue’s Bridge Campground

Sue’s Bridge Campground is nestled in the Blackwood River National Park. This campground is 32 kilometres away from Margaret River town. It’s an ideal destination for campers who want to swim or use kayaks and canoes on the Blackwood River. This area features 25 individual campsites, and 9 of those are perfect for caravans and camper trailers. You can go to the other 16 campsites if you prefer regular-size campervans or tents.

Dog lovers would appreciate this campground as dogs are allowed in the area but should be on a leash the entire time. Generators are totally not allowed. Campfires are allowed but only on provided fire rings between April 15 to November 30. You should also bring your own firewood.

Cost: $11 per night
Directions: Find on map

Other affordable campgrounds

If you find the national parks too crowded, you can opt for other campgrounds within the Margaret River region. Below are some of the other options that you can take advantage of for a minimal fee.

Canebrake Pool – Rapids Conservation Park

This campground is located at Margaret River’s edge. Canebrake Pool is 21 kilometres away from Margaret River Town. It features nine individual campsites ideal for small caravans and one huge area intended for day-use activities. To access this location safely. especially between January and April, it’s highly recommended to avoid Canebrake Road and utilise Mowen Road, Crossing Road, and Great North Road instead.

Campfires are permitted but only on provided fire rings between April 15 to November 30. Those who plan to bring their dogs may do so, as dogs are allowed on the campgrounds.

Cost: $11 per night
Directions: Find on map

Glenbrook Camp Site

The Glenbrook Camp Site is located at 38 Darch Rd, Margaret River, Western Australia. It’s only five kilometres away from the town of Margaret River. This campground has a large area but can only cater for a limited number of campers. Campers who want space and privacy would enjoy this location. The freedom to choose a campsite is also available. The Glenbrook Camp Site adjoins 7 hectares of bushland and comprises kilometres of walk trails. Those who enjoy bushwalking and animal spotting would appreciate this campsite.

Those who plan on bringing their dogs must take note that pets are not permitted on Glenbrook Camp Site.

Cost: $15 per night (booking required)
Directions: Find on map

Warner Glen Campground

Warner Glen Campground is located near the banks of Chapman Brook. You can also access Blackwood River through this campground. The area features nine individual campsites catering to camper trailers, caravans, campervans, and tents. An open camping area is also available and can nestle in up to five tents. This open area is a perfect spot for small camping groups. Campfires are allowed in provided fire rings between April 15 and November 30.

Generators are not allowed. You can bring and use your liquid or gas fuel barbeques, heaters and stoves unless a fire ban is implemented. The Warner Glen Campground is among the popular destinations for campers, especially during weekends and school holidays between October and April. Don’t be surprised if this place is packed on public holiday weekends.

Cost: $11 per night
Directions: Find on map

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