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Free Camping Port Augusta

Port Augusta is a small city in South Australia, approximately 3.5 hours north of Adelaide. Because it lies at the intersection of two major north-south routes, Adelaide and Darwin, as well as the east-west route between Sydney to Perth, it is sometimes called “Crossroads of Australia”. 

Visitors to Port Augusta can enjoy a variety of attractions. Canoeing, fishing and sailing are all popular activities to do. And if you love wildlife, dolphins can often be seen on the water.

Many people enjoy the city’s art galleries. The parks and gardens are a great place to relax. The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden is absolutely stunning and features more than 200 hectares native Australian plants that are low-rainfall. They can also be bought from its gift and garden shop.

Is there any free camping in Port Augusta?

Yes, there is lots of free camping around Augusta! Whether you are looking for a quick, easy to find rest area, a more hidden bushy rest area, a waterfront campground, or a hotel parking stay, there are free camping options for everyone! There are actually way too many to include here and a lot of them are hard to describe directions for. But some of the best spots are mentioned in this article, and there is lots more for yourself to explore!

If you prefer to have a printed book to find even more free camping spots and things to do for free in Australia, then I would highly recommend the Camps 10 Ultimate Guide for Budget Travel, and also the Australia Free 4 Travel Guide. A must have for budget travellers!

Free Camping Port Augusta

Port Augusta Free Camping Ground

This is the closest free campground around Port Augusta, just 15 minutes away! You need to be fully self contained to camp here with your caravan, camper trailer or RV. It’s next to the road, but very quiet after dark. Not many amenities, but it’s a good and easy stopover if you want to visit Port Augusta.

Cost: Free
Distance: 15 minutes from Port Augusta

The Tanks Rest Area

Another free rest area located right next to the Highway. Some say it’s quiet, some say it’s very noisy. I suppose it depends on how many truckies are working that night. But it’s a very basic rest area with not many amenities. They have bins and tables, but that’s about it. Overall a basic but safe rest area to stay overnight with a caravan, big rig, trailer or RV. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 22 minutes from Port Augusta

Chinaman Creek (Winninowie Conservation Park)

This free camping spot is the closest waterfront campground around Poitn Augusta. It has toilets and offers swimming options. Dogs are not permitted. You have to be fully self contained and it’s best for camper trailers, RV’s and caravans. There are kangaroos everywhere at this location! And the sunsets and night sky are stunning. Track might be closed when the weather is very wet. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 29 minutes from Port Augusta

8 Mile Creek Area

If you looking for something a bit nicer, and are happy to drive a bit further, then the 8 Mile Creek Area is a good waterfront free camping area around Port Augusta. You can literally stay right on the water edge and enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets. Don’t forget to bring a mosquito spray though! It’s accessible to RV’s camper trailers, caravans, big rigs, and you are also allowed to camp in a tent. You must be fully self contained though. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 1 hour and 10 minutes from Port Augusta

So many free camping spots between Point Lowly & Douglas Point

Along the coast, in between Point Lowly and Douglas Point there are so many free camping spots, 15 in total. Most of these around located just north of Point Lowly. All waterfront!

Toey’s Point is our favourite pick within Point Lowly, right on the beach, with a playground, toilets and showers close by. You do need to pay for the showers though! Please remember that there are no shops in Point Lowly, so make sure you come fully stocked and self contained! Other great free campground along this bit of coast are Freycinet Bay Camp 1, absolutely beautiful with the local dolphins cruising by all the time, Zac’s Car Crash, a little gem along the coastal road, Queen B Camp, Flintstone Beach, Fitzgerald Bay North, and Backy Point. But really, just drive along the Flinders View Drive and Gulf View Drive from Point Lowly and Douglas Point and you will find free camping spots along the beach everywhere!

Cost: Free
Distance: 1 hour and 15 minutes from Port Augusta

Port Germein Sth Rest Area (Nukurna)

Nothing specials, just another Rest Area. A bit noisy due to traffic, but a great and easy stop over. No toilets, but good receptions and bins for rubbish. Only 45 minutes from Port Augusta, so great to stop over for the night. Camping in a tent is not allowed here. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 45 minutes from Port Augusta

Port Pirie Federal Hotel

If you don’t care about very remote places and beautiful view, but rather have a good pub meal close by, then a stay at Port Pirie’s Federal Hotel is your best go! You can stay here behind the pub (opens at 11am) and enjoy a night by the pub’s fire, enjoying a beer and a parmi. The staff and hosts are very friendly and it’s a lovely and inviting atmosphere. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 1 hour from Port Augusta

North Tent Hill Rest Area

A free campground rest area along the Stuart Hwy where you can camp in caravan, RV, camper trailer or even with a tent. A nice overnighter, but not great for a nice holiday. It’s next to the highway so there is a bit of traffic noise. No amenities, just a road stop. There is good Telstra connection. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 25 minutes from Port Augusta

Carriewerloo Rest Area

Just a little further out than North Tent Hill Rest Area mentioned above. This is also a free campground rest area along the Stuart Hwy, but it has a few more spots 100m away from the highway into the bushland. Gives you a little bit more of a camping feeling. It’s a bit harder to find, but you have to take the exit towards Carriewerloo, and once you take the exit, turn the first left and drive 130m down the road. 

Cost: Free
Distance: 30 minutes from Port Augusta

More rest areas and free camping spots along the Stuart Hwy

There are heaps more of rest areas and hidden camping spots along the Stuart Hwy within 1 hour from Port Augusta. Some of them are very obvious and some of them are a bit hidden. But at least there are more than enough free camping spots for everyone! 

For more free camping in South Australia, check out our complete South Australia Free Camping Guide.

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