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Free Camping Spots in Rainbow Beach

The rural coastal town of Rainbow Beach is nestled between Cooloola National Park and the famous Fraser Island. This beautiful town accurately depicts the vast breathtaking landscape of Queensland’s magical coastline, characterized by coloured cliffs, golden sandy beaches, and towering sand dunes. It is any camper’s dream destination!

The town is located about 250 km north of Brisbane and is popularly identified as part of the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. It is accessible via road from Pomona or Teewah Beach from Noosa Heads.

If you love your toes in the sand, romantic walks or drives on the beach, horse-riding, or nature walks, you should pitch a tent on Rainbow beach. This article will expose the best free and most affordable camping spots around!

Is there any free camping at Rainbow Beach?

No, unfortunately there are no free camping sites in Rainbow Beach. However, there are lots of very affordable camping sites at Inskip Point Camping grounds, about 10 -15 minutes from Rainbow Beach town. Camping sites are located out of town, but there are two major caravan parks in town for a higer price. The best options are, of course, right in this article.

Free Camping Rainbow Beach

Poverty Point

Free Camping Spots in Rainbow Beach

Poverty Point is a paid camping site located about 13 km south of Rainbow Beach. This top camping site offers a small, coast camping with sights of the tidal waters of the famous Tin Can Inlet. The spot has no definite camping grounds, but its capacity is restricted to about 24 campers.

This camp is relatively underdeveloped and hence does not offer any amenities. It is the ideal destination for harsher off-road campers with high-clearance vehicles.

Cost: $6.75

Location: Cooloola Cove, Great Sandy Park, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

National Park Camping: The Inskip Point Camping Grounds

The Inskip Point Camping site is located about 10-15 minutes from Rainbow Beach centre. It is arguably the camping capital of the region, featuring about 7 different camping areas. Its camping sites are part of the Peninsula Recreation Area, managed and run by the Qld Parks. The best camping sites here include:

Pelican Bay

Located at Inskip Ave, about 8.9km from Rainbow Beach town center, Pelican Bay is your ideal camping site if you are looking to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This fantastic spot is strategically located next to an open beach in the cover of majestic cypress pines, beach she-oaks, coast shrubs and a variety of other coast trees. It is just 15 minutes drive from Rainbow Beach.

However, this camping site attracts a camping fee, and you must obtain a camping permit before you set foot. Moreover, you can only stay here for a maximum of 30 days.

They allow campfires, but generators are limited to low decibel options, with a maximum of 2.0Kva. They also require you to bring along your own portable toilets.

You can come along with your dog, but other pets, such as birds, are prohibited. Dogs should also be on a leash and under the control of their owner.

Cost: $9.14

Location: Inskip Avenue, Inskip, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

Dorrigo South

Dorrigo South is situated at Inskip Point Road, Inskip, Queensland. This beautiful campsite offers scenic ocean views of the popular Double Island Point and a quiet, covered camping site under whispering she-oaks and red ash trees. Here you get to go swimming, fishing, visit the nearby marine parks or drive in the surrounding recreational parks.

However, camping at Dorrigo comes at a fee. Campers are expected to pay for permits before setting up their camps. Open fires are allowed, but the allowed low-decibel generator should be switched off by 9m. You can bring your dog, but it should be on a leash throughout your stay.

Cost: Unspecified

Location: Inskip Point Road, Inskip, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

S.S. Dorrigo 4WD

S.S. Dorrigo 4WD is located just north of Dorrigo South, about 9.4 km from Rainbow Beach. This lovely campsite offers breathtaking ocean views of Double Island Point and a calm, relaxing inland camping ground under various coast trees and shrubs protected from the wind. However, it is only accessible by 4WD vehicles.

Its facilities include multiple toilets, a wheelchair access ramp and rubbish bins. Campfires from clean wood are allowed, while dogs on leashes are permitted as long as they stay under the control of their owners.

Cost: $13.70 for two people

Location: Inskip Point Road, Inskip, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

Other Camping sites in the Inskip Point Camping Grounds include:

  • MV Sarawak: Offers toilets and bins, accessible by 2WD or 4WD.
  • MV Natone: Accessible by 4WD, toilets and bins offered.
  • MV Sarawak West: Accessible by 2WD or 4WD; toilets and bins are freely provided.
  • MV Beagle: Accessible by 2WD and 4WD; toilets and bins are offered.

The Rainbow Beach Caravan Parks

If you are looking to camp in the Rainbow Beach Township, there are two popular caravan parks with top-notch facilities, the Big4 Rainbow Beach Holiday Park and the Rainbow Beach Holiday Village. With other campsites located out of town, these two caravan parks offer the only in-town camping experience, and you can be sure it is satisfying.

The Big4 Rainbow Beach Holiday Park

The Big4 Rainbow Beach Holiday Park is located at 308 Carlo Rd, just a 5 minutes drive from the town center. This family-friendly park is strategically placed right at the inlet of the Great Sandy Strait. It features a boat ramp right at the entry hence supporting a flurry of water sports, including fishing, kayaking, swimming, and surfing, among many others.

Even better, this spacious park offers a variety of accommodation options, from caravans and cabins to powered and unpowered camping sites. In addition to quality amenities such as toilets, drinking water, showers, open fire pits, and playgrounds so you can play with your dog.

Cost: From $35 upwards, depending on facilities

Location: 308 Carlo Rd, Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

Rainbow Beach Holiday Village

Located at 13 Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach Holiday Village is the most centrally placed camping park in Rainbow Beach. This spot is the perfect camping holiday destination whether you have a caravan or not. Its perfect location grants you access to the best of the town, including beaches and shopping facilities.

Moreover, it offers you a wide range of comfy accommodation options such as cabins, villas, and powered and unpowered camping sites. There is also ample parking and next-level amenities to ensure you are comfortable.

Cost: From $40 upwards, depending on facilities

Location: 13 Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Directions: Find on map

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