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Top 10 Free Camping Spots in Yeppoon

Yeppoon is a coastal town located northeast of Rockhampton. It lies along the Capricorn Coast in Queensland. This town is the gateway to the stunning Great Keppel Island and the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Yeppoon is famous for its tropical sunny climate and sandy beaches. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing getaway, Yeppoon is the place to be at!

Yeppoon is close to some beautiful scenery in and around a national park and state forest. There are many awesome camping sites where you can unwind and spend some quality time with your family. In this article we will discuss the 10 best camping spots in Yeppoon.

Is there any free camping at Yeppoon?

There are few free camping sites in Yeppoon. Some sites ask for a small fee per person, so are quite affordable. These campgrounds are usually near the national park and state forest areas. Here you can set camp and enjoy natural scenery as well as some basic facilities. We have compiled some of the best campgrounds in Yeppoon in this article.

Free Camping in Yeppoon

Kershaw Gardens[1]

This free camping ground is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Kershaw Gardens in Rockhampton. The spacious site has walking tracks, cycling tracks and play areas, making it pet-friendly and family-friendly. There are some very good photo opportunities in and around the gardens including a stunning waterfall. Don’t forget your cameras!

If you’re choosing Kershaw Gardens, be sure to be fully self-contained as no amenities are available. RVs, caravans and big rigs are allowed, but no tents. The site has good phone and TV reception. It’s perfect for a day or two out!

Cost: Free (maximum allowed stay of 2 nights)
Where: High St, Rockhampton
Directions: Find on map

free camping yeppoon

Gravel Site

If you’re looking for an overnight stay, this Gravel Site near Milman Road is good to go to. The site is a great spot to camp with lots of dry and grassy space. All types of vehicles are allowed – RVs, camper trailers, caravans, big rigs and even tents. But note that you must be fully self-contained.

This campground is close to the road and can be a bit noisy at times, but that’s nothing to worry about. Phone and TV reception is good and the place is pet-friendly too!

Cost: Free
Where: Milman Rd, Milman
Direction: Find on map

Bushcamp Yaamba

This is another site for a one-night camp. Situated along Flood Rd, this free campground is accessible to RVs, camper trailers and caravans. You must be fully self-contained though, as is required with most free camping spots.

Bushcamp Yaamba is really a nice spot with lots of space, shade and trees. I would avoid going during the rainy season, as the grounds would be bogged down. But otherwise, it’s a quiet and calm place with good TV and phone reception.

Cost: Free
Where: Flood Rd, Yaamba
Direction: Find on map

National Park Camping

Campgrounds at the Byfield National Park are aplenty. The sites are mostly not pet-friendly and have a small cost to book your spot in advance. Nevertheless, the great surrounding scenery and facilities make it worthwhile!

Water Park[2] Creek Camping Area

Get your camping permit and book your spot for a weekend full of fun activities! This camping area is set in the Byfield State Forest on Water Park Creek. There are ten spacious and shaded sites in the area, all surrounded by natural rainforest. The creek is good for fishing and canoeing. I’d avoid swimming if I were you, as it is apparently a crocodile habitat. Better be safe than sorry!

The facilities are quite good – you’ll have flushing toilets, picnic tables, automatic BBQ and fire rings. Bring your own timber for the fire, and don’t forget to keep mosquito-repellant. The place is accessible to trailers, caravans and small motor homes.

Cost: $7 per person per night
Where: Water Park Creek, Byfield State Park
Directions: Find on map


Set near the beach, the Melaleuca campsite has some nice scenery and fishing opportunities. The site is quite uneven, but if you have a 4WD you won’t have to worry. Book your spot before going and make sure you are fully self-contained. And don’t forget to carry insect repellant and nets as mosquitoes can be a nuisance after sunset. Dogs are not allowed.

Cost: $6.75 per person per night
Where: Nine Mile Beach, Byfield National Park
Directions: Find on map


Just along the beach further up from Melaleuca is the Myrtella camping area. With clear waters and beautiful views, this is one underrated campsite! Wake up to the waves crashing softly against the beach and spend the day indulging in your favourite water sports.

The site is easily accessible by 4WDs and you need to book your place in advance. Tents near your car are allowed and off-road camper trailers as well, depending on the availability of suitable space. Bring your own drinking water and other camping essentials. Pets are not allowed in the State Park.

Cost: $ 6.90 per person per night
Where: Nine Mile Beach, Byfield National Park
Directions: Find on map

Five Rocks Camping Area

Accessible only by high-clearance 4WDs, this camping area sits next to the beach, surrounded by coastal woodland. If you’re looking to go off-grid and enjoy nature, Five Rocks is your place to be! Facilities include composting toilets, showers and picnic tables. Water is non-drinkable so you’ll have to treat it before using it.

You can set up a tent beside your car. Off-road camper trailers are also allowed at several sites in the area. Open fires are allowed in fire rings, you just have to bring your own timber. There’s no phone reception, so you can just lie back and relax!

Cost: $6.85 per person, per night
Where: North of Stockyard Point, via Byfield National Park
Directions: Find on map

Other affordable campgrounds

These campgrounds also require a small fee to book your spot but are quite affordable. Facilities such as open fire rings, toilets, picnic tables and BBQ are available. Combined with some good surrounding scenery, these are not a bad deal!

Red Rock Camping Area

Red Rock is a dog-friendly campground located in the Byfield State Forest, just a short drive from Yeppoon. The area is grassy and surrounded by pine trees. There are 10 sites you can choose from to set up camp and make a great base for some awesome outdoor activities like biking and riding. Water Park Creek is nearby, but I wouldn’t suggest going swimming there as it is a crocodile habitat.

Red Rock is unpowered and suitable for small caravans, camper trailers and RVs. You will have a fireplace, open fire pits, BBQ and toilets. The site doesn’t have drinkable water so you’ll have to treat it before using it or bring your own. And don’t forget to book before you go!

Cost: $ 7 per person per night
Where: Byfield Rd, Byfield State Park
Direction: Find on map


This campground is close to Yeppoon and Rockhampton and has a good spot on the edge of the salt flats near the river. Ranglewood is one of the few dog-friendly grounds. The place is easily accessible to RVs, camper trailers, caravans and big rigs. Camping in tents is also allowed.

Ranglewood is quiet and peaceful with plenty of space. Make a campfire at night under the stars and wake up to the birds chirping in the morning! There is a boat ramp into the river so if you have a boat, you’re in luck. No drinking water so you’ll have to bring your own. Toilets are available. The only downside is the swarm of sandflies, mosquitoes, etc. but if you’re armed with insect repellant and nets, you’re good to go.

Cost: $10 per person per night
Where: Coowonga Rd, Rockhampton
Direction: Find on map

Upper Stony Creek Rd

Head over to Upper Stony Creek for the perfect combo of camping and water sports. The camping area has campsites on and around the creek, surrounded by pine trees, making for some beautiful scenery. I got to see turtles too! So get your camping permit and book your spot here for some relaxing time.

Stony Creek has crystal clear water, ideal for snorkelling. You can even go swimming, kayaking or canoeing. There are several designated campsites in the area. I would suggest going for sites 1, 3, 5, or 6 and avoid sites 8-10 which are next to the toilets. Picnic tables and automatic BBQ are available for day use. Open fires are allowed, you’ll only have to bring firewood. Don’t forget to pack lots of bug repellant. The campground is accessible by conventional vehicles, camper trailers and caravans.

Cost: $6.75 per person, per night
Where: Upper Stony Creek Road, Byfield State Forest
Direction:  Find on map

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