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Free Camping Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula is a beautiful spot between the bush and the sea, which is a great choice for your next camping trip. Families, solo travellers and dog owners will enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, beach and bush activities.

The towns in Yorke Peninsula have opened their doors to tourism. Travellers enjoy a variety of food, shopping and social activities with friendly locals.

If you have a self-contained RV, you have the most choices for free campsites. Most of the campsites welcome dogs and are quiet and safe. Continue reading to learn more!

Is there any Free Camping at Yorke Peninsula?

There are free camping options and a few low-cost options (no more than $15 per night) in the northern part of Yorke Peninsula. There are numerous camping options with a wide range of facilities for $20 a night which are further south of the free and lowest-cost options. In this article, we have listed the free and nearby low-cost options to help you plan your trip through the northern part of Yorke Peninsula.

Free Camping Yorke Peninsula

Maitland Town Free Overnight

A safe, quiet, dog-friendly overnight stay that is ideal for solo travellers, families and BBQ lovers! All camping options are welcome! However, it might be tight if your vehicle is bigger than 20ft. No need to be self-contained, as there are toilets, bins and drinking water available.

Maitland offers numerous options for travellers passing through, such as the bowling club, and local events. Local shops should satisfy any purchasing needs, including fuel and gas.

Maitland residents are welcoming, friendly and proud of this stop. This is evident in the clean toilets, shade, playground, garden and quality 5G and mobile reception options.

The location is near the road and has gale-force winds from the coast. However, it’s surprisingly quiet and the shade offers protection.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

Ardrossan 48hr RV Friendly

If you pass this place between noon and 2 pm in your RV, check if you can get a space! There are only 3 spaces available for your camping rig. Don’t fit more than 3 vehicles in this location!

Requirements for your vehicle are a toilet and shower that retain all the water from their use. A generator is allowed for your electricity needs. Facilities include non-drinking water, dump spot, bins, TV reception and mobile reception.

Travellers enjoy spending money in Ardrossan. The Coffee House, Ardrossan Bakery, Drakes and the pub are town favourites. You can also enjoy the cliffs and the beach near the Ardrossan Jetty. For more information on Ardrossan, go to the Ardrossan Museum and Information Centre.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

Cape Elizabeth 4WD Only in Wet Weather

Looking for an incredible beach site with nearby ocean activities for you and your dog? Look no further! This site welcomes fully self-contained 4WD, tents, camper trailers, and off-road caravans. Open fire pits are great for the hardcore camper.

Ocean activities include fishing, swimming and hiking. If you’re lucky, you may see some ocean wildlife and incredible sunrises and sunsets! You can also enjoy the 4WD tracks.

Visitors have had the following concerns about the site. There are some rough roads to get there, so a 4WD is recommended. Additionally, there have been problems with inconsiderate visitors littering.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

Free Camping Yorke Peninsula

Arthurton Overnight Stay

Looking for a quiet, dog-friendly overnight RV location away from the beach? If you don’t mind sleeping near a cemetery and two churches, Arthurton Overnight Stay is for you!

This site allows rigs that are not self-contained. Toilets, drinking water and tables are available, but please take your rubbish with you! No tent options are available though.

Even though Atherton is not near the beach, travellers still love it! A favourite place for food are the pubs, but there might be limited hours for meals. The Genuine Atherton Hotel hosts events that are also popular.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

Wallaroo Overnight Rest Area

Did you know Wallaroo Overnight Rest Area used to be a grain weighing station? Neither did I. This RV camp is a quiet space between the jetty and the town, so you get your beach views and activities and a vibrant town to enjoy!

The Angler Inn is one of a few popular food options in the town. Enjoy the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum after enjoying a day at the beach!

Since there are no facilities onsite, all vehicles must be fully self-contained. Tents aren’t allowed. A common understanding among travellers is the trucks park on the east of the site and other large vehicles park on the west.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

The Acreage

Want a shady, quiet RV park at the corner of a farm? Try the Acreage outside Paskeville! Travellers and their dogs are given a friendly welcome by the owners Jip and Janneke. They let you stay for up to 7 days! Don’t forget to enjoy the canola fields and amazing sky views on their property.

If you get lost, call the owners for directions. Be aware of gravel roads as they can be dangerous when wet.

Since you are on private property, being in a self-contained vehicle is non-negotiable! Previous reviews said there was a firepit, but now the area is subject to fire bans. Please check with the owners on fire rules.

There is a donation box on the campsite, and we strongly encourage you to contribute!

Cost: Free. Donation requested
Location: Find on map

Port Arthur Rest Area

Spent a day at Clinton Conservation Park? You can spend the night at Port Arthur Rest Area as long as you do not have a tent or a dog. You must have a fully self-contained vehicle since the only amenities are tables.

You can fish, hike, do bird watching and enjoy the beach and sky views. Continue to enjoy the park’s wildlife and scenery at the end of the day in this peaceful, safe RV park.

Concerns from travellers include mosquitoes and litter from people disrespecting a protected area. Additionally, the roads nearby can be dangerous when wet.

Cost: Free
Location: Find on map

National Park Campgrounds

There are six National Park campgrounds on the southern tip of Yorke Peninsula, the low-cost options available are $24 per night, which is outside the range of low-cost options listed in this article.

Other Affordable Campgrounds

Tickera (Barkers Beach)

At the time of this writing, it is unclear if this site is still free.

Regardless, we hope you and your dog can still enjoy a scenic and popular fishing and swimming location for free or at a low cost!  RVs must be self-contained, but you are allowed an electrical generator. Travellers have had complaints of mosquitoes and high winds. Additionally, a 4×4 is recommended because there are some difficult roads nearby.

Cost: Free at this time, but that might change
Location: Find on map

Mallee View Bush Camping

Want a nudist camp in the bush? Mallee View Bush Camping is a quiet, dog-friendly location among 45 acres of mallee scrub! You can take in the walking tracks and scenery. In the evening, you can enjoy the fireplace in the camp shed. Plus, you can use the shed to play games, read and socialize. You can also have a campfire in the winter.

All camping options welcome and self-contained vehicles, generators and clothing are optional as long as you book in advance. There are showers, drinking water and toilets available.

Cost: $10 for single person, $15 for couple
Location: Find on map

Port Victoria Sports Oval

Looking for a safe campsite with a lot of amenities and camping options that is accessible to the rest of the peninsula? This is your best option! There is parking for motorbikes and the area is wheelchair accessible. Even though there are toilets, showers, bins and a dump point, it is still advisable to bring your own toilet paper. You and your dog can enjoy activities by the beach, take a walk in the town to get food or enjoy the oval.

Cost: $7 (pay at the kiosk)
Location: Find on map

Curramulka RV Camp

Another safe and dog-friendly camping spot centrally located on the peninsula with lots of amenities and camping options! The town is the main attraction with the bowling club, netball court, playground and stores. You can either enjoy the restaurants nearby or have a BBQ at your site!

Cost: $7 per vehicle
Location: Find on map

Port Julia Oval Reichenbach Memorial Park

This site strikes an ideal balance between the beach and the town, which anyone, even people with disabilities can enjoy. Happy Hour and an herb garden are among the town attractions, and other towns are nearby. This location is popular among fishermen who catch a variety of seafood. Plus, swimming, hiking and boating are favourite activities.

TIP: If you are planning on visiting this site, go to WikiCamps and read the description. There are some essential park rules.

Cost: $15 per night
Location: Find on map

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