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Top 7 Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents in Australia [2023]

Are you a fan of going on camping adventures? Do you get stressed about where to spend your night comfortably? Going for adventures can mean spending days in shelters pitched on the grass. This can translate to you not being comfortable entirely. Luckily, you can acquire a rooftop tent to solve your problem.

Hard shell rooftop tents will save you the struggle of searching for alternative shelter. They are developed to be installed on the car’s rooftop. This guideline analyses some of the best hard shell rooftop tents in Australia in 2023, what to consider when buying one, and the different aspects of soft shell and hard shell rooftop tents.

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Product Mini-Reviews

Acquiring a reliable tent can be tricky. You must consider different factors to establish the best-suited equipment for you. Here are seven top-reviewed hard shell rooftop tents in Australia.

Our Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents in Australia

  1. Kings Grand Tourer MkIII (Best Overall)
  2. James Baroud Grand Raid (Best Lightweight)
  3. OCAM Rooftop King Tent (Best for Groups)
  4. Eezi-Awn Stealth Rooftop Tent (Best for Couples)
  5. Kings Kwiky Hard Shell Rooftop Tent (Most Affordable)
  6. Camp King Rooftop Tent (Most Comfortable)
  7. iKamper SkyCamp 2X Rooftop Tent (Most Versatile)

Kings Grand Tourer MkIII

Best Overall

This tent is best for outdoor camping due to its ease of putting up and high comfortability levels.

Kings Grand Tourer MkIII

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 10 (1 minute)
  • Size – 8 (Spacious)
  • Build Quality – 8 (Durable)
  • Comfort – 8 (Very Comfortable)
  • Worth  – 7 (Expensive)

This model can be described as one of the most used tents. It has three openings that increase the entrance areas. The openings can also be used as windows that allow an individual to get greater view angles. The openings increase the air circulation in the tent. This gives you a cool breeze and fresh air in the tent.

This model is spacious with a large-size mattress that increases your experience.
It supports the car moving at high speed as it is well fastened onto the roof of the car.

Technical Specs

  • Heaviness –  94 kg
  • Size – 227 cm by 142 cm by 26.4 cm


  • Can be installed easily and fast
  • Spacious
  • Well fastened to the car’s rooftop


  • Expensive to purchase
  • This is the best model for travellers with little space and vehicles with a flat roof

James Baroud Grand Raid

Most Lightweight

This lightweight rooftop tent for Australian camping is best for any traveller with any car model.

James Baroud Grand Raid

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 9 (2 minutes)
  • Size – 8 (Spacious)
  • Build Quality – 9 (Durable0
  • Comfort – 8 (Very Comfortable)
  • Worth – 6 (Very Expensive)

This model has significant upgrades that widely reduce its weight. It weighs 45 kg, making it the lightest rooftop tent for Australia camping. This aspect advances the model to be installed onto any vehicle easily. The tent has a spacious inside with a large comfortable mattress.

This model has a well-developed cooling system. The system is derived from the material used to manufacture the tent. They reduce the sun rays that penetrate the tent leaving it cool on the inside.

Technical Specs

  • Heaviness – 45 kg
  • Size – 224 by 160 by 100 cm


  • Very light
  • Fits any car model


  • Expensive

This is the best rooftop tent for travelers looking for a comfortable tent for the adventure that is light on their car’s roof.

OCAM Rooftop King Tent

Best for Groups

This model is most suitable for group camping. This is because it has a spacious interior that can accommodate a more significant number of individuals compared to other rooftop tents.

OCAM Rooftop King Tent - Best for Groups

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 6 (10 minutes)
  • Size – 9 (Very spacious)
  • Build Quality – 7 (Durable)
  • Comfort – 8 (Very comfortable)
  • Worth – 7 (Expensive)

This model is mainly preferred due to its immense size. It has a spacious room that facilitates the comfortability rate. The mattress can easily accommodate five to six individuals.

The tent is well fitted onto the car. It is securely supported by hooks to prevent it from being pulled out by the wind.

A primary feature that distinguishes this tent from other rooftop tents is that it quickly elevates. This is by use of aluminium rods that increase the roomy space in the tent.

This lightweight rooftop tent best serves any individual as it can fit easily onto any car.

Technical Specs

  • Space – 5 to 6 individuals
  • Heaviness – 95 kg
  • Size – 210 by 210 by 110 cm


  • Extremely spacious
  • Has a higher significant amount of people that can be accommodated


  • Expensive

This is the tent for teams willing to get out for outdoor camping, as the tent can host six individuals at once.

Eezi-Awn Stealth Rooftop Tent

Best for Couples

It is best for long-distance travellers as it is well fitted to the car’s roof with four hooks fastening it safely.

Eezi-Awn Stealth Rooftop Tent

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 10 (1 minute)
  • Size – 7 (Spacious)
  • Build Quality – 7 (Durable)
  • Comfort – 8 (Very comfortable)
  • Worth – 8 (Affordable)

This model is the most favourable for romantic duo retreats. It has a decorated interior that cools the experience when relaxing in the tent. The decorations make the tent as comfortable as your house.

The tent is fastened with hooks firmly attached to the car’s roof. This mitigates the movement of the rooftop tent, enabling you to move at high speeds.

Pitching the tent is easy as it has a hydraulic pump that pushes it up when one pulls the gear levers. The hydraulic pumps facilitate a faster installation process.

Technical Specs

  • Space – 2 to 3 individuals
  • Heaviness – 99 kg
  • Size – 220 cm by 144 cm by 142 cm


  • Lightweight
  • Short set up duration
  • Durable


  • Its automatic opening mechanism may fail
  • Expensive

This rooftop tent is the best model for romantic partners heading into outdoor adventures and camping.

Adventure Kings Kwiky Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

Best for Solo Travelers

It is best for a single traveller with its tiny size and ease of pitching it.

Kwiky Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 9 (Less than two minutes)
  • Size – 6 (Small)
  • Build Quality – 7 (Durable)
  • Comfort – 7 (Comfortable)
  • Worth – 10 (Very cheap)

It is small in size, reducing the number of individuals it can host. The space is only suitable for two individuals.

Unwrapping the tent is very easy. The process only needs one to pull a lever that automatically pushes up the tent.

The tent has supporting rods that fasten its wall after it is erected. The rods ensure that the tent does not collapse from harsh winds.

The tent is fitted with a decorated interior with side pockets

Technical Specs

  • Heaviness – 74 kg
  • Size – 110 by 208 by 93 cm


  • Affordable
  • Ease of setting up


  • Lacks enough space

This tent is the best for any duo travelling together due to its well-fitted interior and reduced size, making it fit for a smaller number of individuals.

Camp King Rooftop Tent

Most Comfortable

Best for persons who are tall as it has more prominent space in its height.

Camp King Rooftop Tent

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration – 8 (3 minutes)
  • Size – 7 (Average)
  • Build Quality – 7 (Durable)
  • Comfort – 9 (Very Comfortable)
  • Worth – 8 (Affordable)

This model is unique due to its high height when opened. The tent is very comfortable for any individual, whether tall or short.

The tent has windows on its side that ensure ample lighting inside. The windows are closed with insect nets protecting them from mosquitos.

The tent is very delicate from getting destroyed by the breeze due to its height. Pools are fitted on each side to strengthen the sides of the tent from the strong currents. This setup exercise takes longer to pitch the tent than other models.

Technical Specs

  • Heaviness – 89 kg
  • Size – 217 by 132 by 173 cm


  • It has a comfortable height for tall individuals
  • Increased durability levels


  • It has a longer duration to set up

This is the best tent for persons willing to view the environment while in the tent’s shelter and those with a higher height.

iKamper SkyCamp 2X Rooftop Tent

Most Versatile

Best for adventures with grouped individuals due to its ability to be spacious. The rooftop tent can hold approximately four adults.

iKamper SkyCamp 2X Rooftop Tent

How We Rated It?

  • Set up Duration –  10 (1 minute)
  • Size – 8 (Spacious (3 to 4 individual))
  • Build Quality – 9 (Very durable)
  • Comfort – 7 (Comfortable)
  • Worth – 6 (Expensive)

The tent has a king-sized wrap bed that hosts four individuals. This makes the tent suitable for taking on retreats as a family. The air-insulated, dual-reinforced fibre shell can maintain your team warm at night.

A padded internal layer of thermal insulation increases comfort, and the two shielding panels shield camping against noise and harsh weather. It will muffle the noises of the storm, thunder, and a breeze to allow you to sleep soundly.

From its dimensions, it is a relatively light rooftop tent. Any automobile can transport this tent, as it is compatible with many conventional stocks and custom rooftop stanchions.

Because of its wrap form, the tent is tiny enough to fit in even the most miniature automobiles while transported by road. However, the rooftop tent unfolds to reveal a castle amid the wilderness.

The tent boasts a durable wrap telescopic staircase and a wrap floor surface; installation and breakdown take under a minute. Three to Four individuals may rest on the expanded floor area thanks to the wrapped bottom surface.

Technical Specs

  • Heaviness – 73 kg
  • Size – 218 cm by 210 cm by 110 cm


  • Can fit in numerous car models
  • All-season use
  • Protected by a hardshell casing


  • It is expensive to purchase

This design can be the best for individuals with lesser build car models as it can easily fit onto any car.

Buying Guide

Whether new to a product or have some knowledge, you must understand specific factors when purchasing equipment. This will enable you to take the best outcome. Here are three primary factors you should check on when buying a rooftop tent:


Specific tents are developed to be fitted in specific models of cars. Before any purchase, you have to understand the most recommended size for installation on your vehicle. 

Material Used

You want a material that is durable to give you value for money after purchasing a tent. When choosing the material, you must get hard material tents to mitigate any tearing or burns from the sun. 

The material also affects factors such as the tent’s coolness rate. For hardshell rooftop tents, their hard material reflects the UV rays cooling the inside of the tent.


The budget to purchase a tent should be convenient for you. You can choose rooftop tents that come in different ranges and serve the same purpose.

Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell Rooftop Tents – Which One Should I Choose?

Various types of rooftop tents are available to you in the market. Finding the best rooftop tent in Australia should be pre-determined by personal factors such as the type of car and the durability level. Finding a kind that is almost compatible with any car model and showcases high durability is very crucial. 

Softshell rooftop tents and hardshell rooftop tents show a wide variation in this case. 

The soft shell, as their name suggests, are available tents made from soft materials. 

Hardshell rooftop tents are made from more rigid materials making them more secure and durable. This makes it more advisable to choose a hard shell when purchasing a rooftop tent.

Things To Consider When Buying a Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

The hardshell rooftop tents are also manufactured to different standards. Here are three things you should consider when purchasing a hard shell rooftop tent: 

Level of Insulation

The hard shell rooftop showcases a higher level of insulation than the soft shell rooftop tents. This is because of the material used to build the hard shell tents. This material ensures that it reflects UV rays keeping the temperatures in the internal environment more excellent than in the exteriors. 

Having a cool temperature in the tent’s interior can increase comfortability standards.

Level of Durability

The durability of the equipment is mainly connected to the material used to create the equipment. The rigid material used to construct the hard shell material can easily protect you from harsh weather. Though the soft shell materials are also durable in extreme weather, it is more preferred to have the hardshell rooftops tents.  

Time Taken to Set Up

The hardshell rooftop tents have an automated setup system. This makes it easier to set up the tents. The soft shell rooftop tents are nearly similar to the normal ones. This means that there is more work in setting them up. 

For easier setup processes, you can purchase a hard shell rooftop tent. 

Tent Capacity/Dimensions

The hardshell rooftop tents have more space than the soft shell ones. This is because the hard shell tents pop up vertically when opened while soft shell tents open horizontally, reducing the internal space available.

Mounting Plates & Roof Racks

The hardshell rooftop tents come with an in-built mounting system. This is an excellent feature that makes it easy to install the equipment on your car. Unfortunately, soft shell tents don’t have this feature, so you will need to buy a separate mounting system, which will be an extra cost.


The hardshell rooftop tents have a better waterproofing system. This is because they are made of materials that do not allow water to pass through. Soft shell tents might have a waterproofing system, but it is not as effective as hard shell tents. 


You need proper ventilation in your tent to avoid stuffiness. The hardshell rooftop tents have better ventilation than the soft shell tents. This is because they have more windows and doors that can open for better air circulation. 


Still have questions? Here are some answers to the most common questions about hard shell rooftop tents in Australia.

Are rooftop tents bad for your car?

No. Rooftops are connected to your car according to the model that you own. They cannot affect anything by fitting your car’s correct type of rooftop. Therefore they are not bad for your vehicle.

Do rooftop tents get stolen?

Unfortunately, yes. A rooftop can get uninstalled from the roof of your car according to the nature you have installed it. With this, it is vital to ensure that you fasten the tent well onto the top to make it hard for anyone to uninstall and steal.

Why are rooftop tents so expensive?

The high prices of rooftop tents increase space size, comfortability, and easy portability.

How much does a rooftop tent affect fuel efficiency?

Unfortunately, having a tent on the car raises the fuel level used. Also, by adding weight to the vehicle, there will be a need to use more fuel while driving.

Can my car support a rooftop tent?

Yes, though it is crucial to understand the model that is best suited for the car. This is because various rooftop tent models are developed for multiple car models with different sufficiency rates than other cars.  

Are rooftop tents comfortable?

Absolutely yes. Purchasing a rooftop tent increases your comfortability standards when you are out camping. This is majorly from their feature of having a comfortable mattress that can give you time to rest. Compared to the ground tents, the rooftop tents are very comfortable.

How fast can you drive with a rooftop tent?

Driving at an average speed of 60 – 80 km/hr is safe. This speed can hardly cause an installed tent to roll over when going.


Numerous tent types can be available for you for camping. Having a good understanding of these tents can be a significant factor in cutting your camping budget. This is because shelter is a primary factor in deciding the budget for any camping sight.

Purchasing hard shell rooftop tents in Australia can ease your camping experience. However, buying a rooftop tent is not cheap. You must make the best decision to serve your needs to get your value for money. Luckily, the above best hard shell rooftop tent reviews for Australian camping can provide you with all you need to make this decision.  
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